Linda Tilyard

Studied at Ilam 1980-1984 and gained a B.F.A. Majored in painting under
Don Peebles, Phillipa Blair and Phil Trustrum. Minored in printmaking under Barry Cleavlin

I have been practising art all my life. I teach at U.C.O.L and King Street Art Works and have a passion for Art History
as well as painting and sculpture.

Between us my husband Darcy and I have 10 children. I had three when we met and we had twins together.
Family is a large part of who we are and art is the rest. Family keeps me grounded and 'real'.

Life is creative and colourful - and art is my cry. This work is from my most recent show 'The many Faces of Lilith' held at
Aratoi in Masterton during July and August 2007

I like to look for our connectedness, as I believe that our similarities are greater than our differences.
The ancient and modern both fascinate me. Particularly
the stories of women and children. The lives of the unsung and unseen.
I use a variety of media and dimensions.

Some of my work

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